Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Dawnbreakers (A Most Excellent Kinship) Part 2

One thing I failed to mention in my previous post gushing about the Dawnbreakers: they are a great kinship for getting to know the game better.
Thane Guthinwe salutes the Heavens with fellow kinmates before riding off into adventure!
Aside from the obvious -- talking folks through instance runs or providing advice about LIs, etc. -- the Dawnbreakers have a regular portion of their Friday night meetings called Did You Know? Each week, this segment focuses on a different aspect of the game which helps players understand the interface more thoroughly, become better informed about LOTRO's mechanics, or even provides third-party sources for extra knowledge. One of the recent DYKs talked about the Plugin system, and it was very helpful to have much of that game aspect laid out (in plain English) and all in one place. As a bonus, all kin meetings, including the DYKs, are quickly posted to the kin website following the meetings.

In summary, the Dawnbreakers are an excellent organization for seasoned veterans and newcomers alike. You'll find them on the Vilya server (for now, anyway -- no one's quite sure what Turbine's plans are for server consolidation) or look them up at!

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