Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Hobbity Cookbook

If you're like me (Then you have my sympathies. -- Mrs. Pad), playing LOTRO on an empty stomach is a dangerous proposition. Tolkien was a lover of food, and the variety of foods one finds in The Lord of the Rings Online is enough to set any tummy growling. Many's the time I sat down to do some in-game cooking and quickly found myself doing some Real Life cooking instead. If you encounter the same problem, my Recipes Page is the solution!

On the navigation menu, you'll find the new Recipes tab. Click there to find an ever-expanding list of recipes I've created or borrowed, inspired by dishes from LOTRO! Of course, contributions from you are most welcome also! Leave them in comments section or send me an e-mail ( I promise you will get the credit for your submissions (assuming you want credit, of course).

Master of Toons

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