Friday, April 3, 2015

Alas, Poor Yorick! I Never Read Your In-Game Biography

Benford Billingsworth, Explorer and Adventurer.
If you want to know what I think (and if you don't I have some bad news: you're in entirely the wrong place), the biography tab in the character journal is woefully under-utilized. Sure, it takes some time and creativity to devise a story line for your characters and write it up, but what better way to personalize your toon? Especially since Turbine's idea of variety where character creation is concerned is about as diverse as the front row of a Klan rally?

There are times when hapless gamers like myself will tromp aimlessly through Bree or some other major way-station and "people-watch." We do this because we appreciate the game's intricacies, because we enjoy the social aspects of LOTRO, and because, most likely, we're bored. Imagine, if you will, our distress when we click on player after player only to find that Biography tab empty! Words cannot describe my disappointment. Even though they just did, by describing how indescribable is my disappointment.

Literary loopholes (and asinine alliteration -- Mrs. Pad) notwithstanding, do know there remains yet at least one brave adventurer in Middle-earth who actually looks for and reads those Biographies! And, if you feel so inclined or (more likely) have been guilt-tripped into reading mine, be my guest. They did take an awfully long time to invent and write down. In fact, I think it delayed my second breakfast by more than six minutes.

Master of Toons

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