Friday, April 3, 2015

The Beginning

Many years ago, the Elf lore-master Malloren was resting at the refuge of Edhelion en route to the Gray Havens to sail across the Great Sea to the Undying Lands. Ever since the Fall of Thangorodrim, his younger brother Mallacai and he had disagreed about whether to remain in Middle-earth and continue to struggle against Morgoth's servant Sauron, who had escaped destruction at the hands of the Valar. While Mallacai was determined to remain in the mortal world, Malloren was convinced no ultimate victory over Evil was possible and he despaired over the destruction of Beleriand.
Malloren, Founder of The Artisans' Circle.

And yet, even as Malloren had finally decided to leave his younger brother behind, fate intervened in the form of Skorgrim Dourhand. His attack on Edhelion claimed the lives of many of Malloren's closest friends and halted his journey toward the Havens. Fearing for his brother's safety, Malloren turned eastward, hoping to find Mallacai and tell him of his change of heart.

While passing through the Lone-lands, he encountered the Wizard Gandalf, who Malloren knew as Olorin from the Blessed Realm. When pressed for advice, the Istari revealed a daring plan to destroy the Dark Lord by melting the One Ring in Orodruin, though he still had no idea how that was to be accomplished. But the time would come, Gandalf said, when the Enemy would need to be both driven out of the North and resisted at every turn so as to keep him blind to the true threat. Malloren grasped Gandalf's strategy and promised to do what he could to support him.

From his experience in the War of the Jewels, Malloren knew the abilities of all the Free Folk to resist the power of the Darkness was greatly decreased. Nothing in the world could hope to match the glorious ranks and companies of the Noldor in their shining armor. Nor could the Men of this latter age at all resemble their courageous forebears Beren or Elendil. Nor still could Durin's Folk ever again field the incredible equipment from the Elder Days. For this reason, Malloren established a kinship of crafting masters from across Eriador. Their mission: to adventure across Middle-earth in search of the rarest materials with which to craft the most powerful gear the Third Age would ever see. In this way, the Free Folk could turn back the forces of darkness from their homes and occupy the Eye of Sauron in many places at once.
The Artisans' Circle original kinhouse.
Through a chance meeting, Malloren met a captain of Rohan named Guthinwe whose detachment was sent north on an errand from Theoden King to the Rangers of Esteldin. Guthinwe lent his resources and considerable charisma to build an initial membership. The cohort quickly grew, and the young captain purchased a sizable meeting hall in the southern reaches of Bree-land. Thus was The Artisans' Circle born.

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