Benford Billingsworth, Explorer and Adventurer.
Benford is an unusual hobbit who enjoys journeys to far-flung places and participating in great deeds (from a safe distance). Like many of his small kind, he is capable of being a skilled craftsman, and his travels allow him to meet folk with new and interesting methods of creating fine clothing. Benford sells his creations when not using them himself and intends to write a book one day to capture the wide range of knowledge he has acquired on the subject. He has a typically jovial hobbit-ish face, a round belly, and wavy brown hair.
Bennard Billingsworth the Hearty.
Bennard is the brother to Benford Billingsworth, the noted hobbit adventurer and craftsman, but the two could hardly be less alike. Bennard is a hardy fighter with no patience for craftsmanship. He served as a Bounder for many years patrolling the Greenfields of the Shire to keep the goblins at bay. When Benford decided to make his way as a traveller, Bennard spoke against it, but when it became clear Benford would not be dissuaded, Bennard accompanied him on the road. The two were ever at odds regarding direction and purpose, and so eventually went their separate ways, but that was many months ago and Bennard, guilty for abandoning his kin in the Wild, searches for Benford throughout Middle-earth.
Besil, Diviner.
While the Dwarf-folk are known to hold curious beliefs about prognostication and astrology, it is much less commonly known that the Dwarf-lord of every major settlement employs at least one Rune-keeper. These oracles were retained to warn the leaders of cities of impending calamities or the movements of enemy forces. Like all such valuable seers, Besil was fiercely guarded by the lord he was appointed to serve. The isolation, with only a single, highly capable warrior as a bodyguard, became intolerable and prompted him to exile himself. As one of the most gifted Rune-keepers in Durin's line, Besil has read portents indicating the doom of all Middle-earth is at hand. Therefore, unlike many of his reclusive kinfolk, he has taken to the Wildlands to lend his considerable abilities in service to the Free Peoples. His mission is always in danger of ending, however, as the Dwarf-lords have commissioned more than a few mercenaries to locate and capture this remarkable Diviner, lest he and his knowledge of the Seven Houses fall into the wrong hands.
Brendyn the Bold.
Brendyn was once a soldier in the army of King Brand of Dale. He was frequently assigned to joint patrols with the Dwarves of Erebor, and became fascinated by their lifestyle, their loyalty, their skill at arms, their knowledge of armor, and their strange beliefs about themselves. As the years wore on, he began spending many days within the Lonely Mountain itself, receiving training from the best weaponmasters and guardians the Kingdom had to offer. From them he gained an expert's proficiency with Broadswords and the skill to maximize the use of his Dwarf-made suits of armor. He also inheirited a distinctly Dwarven refusal to back down from a fight and stand his ground even under the mightiest blows. As the days darkened, King Brand chose this unusual man to act as an Ambassador of goodwill to accompany Lord Gloin at the Council of Elrond. But Brendyn would never reach that fateful meeting as their camp was attacked by brigands in the night. Brendyn since made his way into Eriador, where he fell in love with Petalia, a beautiful huntress of the North Downs. He now journeys across Middle-earth with her, resisting the Shadow in the East.
Derrik Danderfluff, Eriador Cartographile.
Derrik Danderfluff is a merry young hobbit who has simply become mixed in with many queer folk over the years. His love of drawing up maps of the Shire once led him far from his home in Woodhall to the small village of Dwaling, which he saw burned to the ground by ruffians. He was quickly sent by the Rangers of Tinnudir to all corners of Eriador to warn the other Dunedain of the dangers flooding out of Annuminas. Although he never had any intent to serve as anything other than a messenger, Derrik's remarkable memory for landscapes and attention to detail proved invaluable to the Rangers as they tried to counter the strategies of Angmar. As a result, Derrik became (quite involuntarily) embroiled in the greatest conflict of the Age. He uses his love for and skill at cartography in service of the Free Peoples and often acts as a forward scout and tracker. Braver than most hobbits, he is something of a celebrity among the Rangers of Eriador and was gifted by them an ancient mechanical Dwarven crossbow of remarkable qualities. The weapon was forged in the Second Age and given to Aranarth, the first chieftain of the Dunedain, as a sign of solidarity and friendship following the fall of Fornost to the Witch-king of Angmar.
Edgerin, Lore-seeker.
This Man is easily 50 years old, yet he wields his smithing hammer with uncommon strength and vigor for his age. The sword at his belt is of exceptional workmanship and is likely of his own making. To your eyes, he seems to be a wanderer of an unusual sort -- not overtly belonging to any of the factions which typically roam the Northlands. For he is clearly not one of the Dunedain, nor one of the numerous farmers and merchants which roam Eriador, nor yet is he a Gondorian or even one of the Rohirrim. It possible he is one of the Bree-folk, but what could have caused one to travel so far abroad you cannot fathom. He walks among the Dunlendings with honor and renown, but why those distrustful folk would so revere an obvious outsider with no apparent physical qualities is another mystery. What purpose could he (or anyone!) possibly have in this stony, barren place?
Eryndil, Hunter of Dark Beasts.
Eryndil is a close friend (or rival might be a better word) of none other than Legolas, son of Thranduil, King of Mirkwood. The two are as unlike as two Elves could be, both in physicality and in temperment, and where Legolas has pledged his service to the Free Peoples in the War of the Ring, Eryndil seeks only to enhance his own reputation among their folk in the Wood. To that end, angered that the King sent his own son on a mission of glory and fame to the Council of Lord Elrond, Eryndil wanders Middle-earth seeking to outshine his rival through deeds of heroism. And if, by chance, he should happen to seize the trophy (or more than one!) of some mighty foe to prove his greatness once and for all, so much the better. Eryndil will travel hooded and masked when he has dealings with the simple folk of the countryside.
Faruk Fellhammer the Fearless.
Faruk has served in the personal guard of many Dwarf-lords over the years, being a veteran of the terrible War of the Dwarves and the Orcs. He lost an eye during the sacking of Gundabad and loves nothing more than to remember that fact every time he sees a goblin or an orc. He was eventually chosen to accompany Balin son of Fundin among his protectors as part of the ill-fated attempt to recolonize Moria, but Faruk would not enter that dark place. For his defiance, he was banished from the Longbeards' settlements, although he has never actually been refused entry anywhere due to his warrior's reputation. This elder Dwarf roams the North of Middle-earth in an attempt to reclaim his honor. He sports a long, forked beard, neatly trimmed and very meticulously cared for. Though his face is lined with worry or sorrow, his eyes leap from under the bristling brows in seeming defiance of everything around him. Yet his speech is courteous (if brief).
Freoi, Student of Metalwork.
Freoi is a non-descript Dwarf who serves as an Ambassador to other settlements for the Metalsmith's Guild in Thorin's Hall. He is a merchant of tools and armor by trade and journeys to all corners of Eriador to market his wares. When not at his merchant's stall, Freoi likes to entertain the other members of his caravans through song and tale. Lately, however, the roads have become dangerous so he has taken to arming himself, even though he never was terribly proficient as a fighter.
Galfi Deftfingers the Steady.
Galfi served as the personal herald for Thror, grandfather of Thorin Oakenshield and King Under the Mountain before the coming of the Dragon Smaug. He then served as the herald of Durin's folk at the Battle of Azanulbizar at the culmination of the Dreadful War of the Dwarves and the Orcs. Finally, King Dain sent him, along with the renowned warrior Faruk the Fellhammer, to accompany Balin son of Fundin on his quest to reclaim Moria. But when Faruk refused to enter Moria and face the terror of Durin's Bane, many of the other Dwarves in Balin's company were swayed against their mission as well. Therefore, Balin commanded Faruk would be exiled from his kin henceforth and the rest of the Dwarves were cowed. But Faruk defiantly stalked off and Galfi, who knew every one of the great Dwarf's exploits in the War, went with him. He wanders aimlessly now, seeking only to restore his reputation and his friend's through deeds of renown. Galfi appears to have passed his two hundredth year, with his grey locks neatly shorn and his short beard well-kept. Despite his age, he seems strong and fell beneath his heavily travel-stained gear.

Grimlur the Fierce.
The look in this Dwarf's eyes is enough to set anyone but a tried warrior on edge. He stands out in crowds thanks to his shock of very red hair and his loud, boisterous voice. His speech is thick with an Eastern accent. Here then, is clearly a Dwarf of the Iron Hills, one of King Dain's hardy folk. You wonder what would compel a Dwarf to travel such a long distance from his home. By the scars on his face and strength of his arm, you can see he is a veteran of many battles, but he does not seem old enough to have served in the War of the Dwarves and Orcs. There is a whiff of strong tabacco around his immediate person. He wears his heavy armour openly, as most Dwarves are wont to do, but his is unkempt and in need of repair. His other gear also bears marks of long use and travel. You wonder how long it has been since he slept in a proper bed.
Captain Guthinwe, Thane of Hytbold.
Guthinwe is a lesser captain in King Theoden's army, having served under Erkenbrand as an infantry officer near his hometown of Middlemead. After proving his knack for battlefield tactics in a skirmish against a Dunlending raiding party a few years ago, Guthinwe was selected at the urging of Gandalf the Grey to travel north with a small company and assist the Dunedain of Esteldin against the growing Shadows of Angmar. But the band was attacked by Orcs bearing a strange white device in Eregion, and those who were not slain were scattered to the countryside. Guthinwe made his way to the important way-town of Bree, where he was delighted to find Frealof, his esquire, and Galruf, his Arms Sergeant, at the Prancing Pony. Together, they were determined to keep their honor and aid the Rangers of the North however they might. In these later years, their travels saw them return to Rohan and play a small part in it's repulsion of Saruman's armies. For this and many of other services to the Mark, King Theoden named Guthinwe Thane of the reconstructed city of Hytbold and Frealof as his herald. Today, the trio continues the fight deep into the Realm of Gondor...
Guthvald, Beorning.
Guthvald is a Beorning. He's large, rude, loud, and uncommonly strong. No one really knows what brought him forth from his kind's usual seclusion, and no one seems curious enough to bother him and ask.
Mallacai the Purifier.
Mallacai is the twin brother of Malloren, the Noldorin Lore-master and founder of The Artisans' Circle. Having learned at the hand of Manwe himself in the Undying Lands during the Age of the Trees, Mallacai brings the incredible fury of the heavens themselves to bear against his enemies. Following the War of Wrath, Mallacai argued against his brother to remain in Middle-earth and help the mortals there rebuild their civilizations and bridge the two societies for the betterment of both. But Malloren wished to leave Middle-earth and its many sorrows, believing evil was banished from the world. Eventually, the disagreement led to estrangement, and the two parted ways. But now, with the Shadows of Sauron threatening to engulf the world once more, each brother seeks the other -- for together none can withstand them.
Malloren, Vanquisher of Thaurlach.
Malloren is the twin-brother of Mallacai, the Noldorin Rune-keeper. Having learned much about the natural world at the hands of Varda herself during the Age of the Trees, Malloren commands mighty forces of nature when confronting his enemies. Following the breaking of Thangorodrim and the loss of Beleriand, Malloren wished to accept the Pardon of the Valar and return to the Undying Lands, but Mallacai would not go, saying he did not believe evil was truly gone from the world. The long years turned the argument sour, and the brothers were estranged. Today, however, with the arm of Sauron growing in reach once more, each brother seeks to find the other, for together none can stand against them.

Padegar the Hobbit.
Padegar is a Bounder from Scary and one of the more notably bolder of his kind. While fighting to keep the goblins of the Greenfields under control one day, he was suddenly approached by a tall Man in travel-stained gear. He was one of the Dunedain Rangers of the North, and he brought dire news from the Wide World. After some consideration, Padegar agreed to travel across Eriador together with Kathleniel, another hobbit, to act as a decoy for the spies of the Enemy. Little did the two hobbits realize how dangerous was the mission they had taken upon themselves.
Padhric Pemberton the Peculiar.
Padhric is a most peculiar hobbit, being fond of long romps across the Shire and into the Bree-land. He has even been known to enter the Old Forest on multiple occasions, but no one knows for what reason. Padhric has an epic, burning passion for ... food. Very different from the normal likings for cuisine shared by all his kinfolk, Padhric Pemberton's lust for the lucious is legendary -- so much so it inspires random acts of alliteration among those speaking or writing about him. His deep desire for delicious dainties confounds even the most conspicuous connoisseurs of culinary creations. His fantastic feats of feast lead others to envy his gastric greatness, to say nothing of his pocket. And truly, Padhric frequently has difficulty financing his fur-footed forays into that private arena of nom-nom nirvana, so he takes jobs as a Burglar when it suits him. Padhric appears to be somewhere in his 60s. His eyes dart quickly about, quite keenly interested in his surroundings. Despite his ample midsection, you suspect he could be very deft on the move, if the need arose. You cannot imagine what might have caused him to leave the land of his kindred -- he is far from the Shire.
Saxolf the Dwarf-lord of Sotenheim.
Saxolf is a Dwarf-lord in exlie from his home Princedom of Sotenheim in the Grey Mountains. Some years ago, the place was sacked by none other than Draigoch the Red, probably the greatest Dragon still living in this Age of the world. The destruction was absolute, and very few of Sotenheim's people lived to speak of that terrible day. Bereft of his house and his folk, Saxolf set out on a long journey for revenge -- to find and ultimately slay the vile Worm. But such a thing is never easily done, and Saxolf knows he will need many allies who would trust him and (quite literally) walk into a Dragon's den alongside him. And so he has set out across Eriador to aid those in need and gather companions for the dreadful day when he will stare death in the face and not retreat from it.
Typps, Watcher of the Wilds.
His real name is Templeton, but no one save his few friends in Bree-land still remember it. For it was years ago when the Blackwolds nearly destroyed Archet that this simple logger's wife and only daughter were cruelly murdered in the siege. The poor man turned to drink (inspiring his erstwhile nickname), becoming a danger to himself and others, and was finally cast from the city by the Town Guard. It wasn't until one night some days later as he watched brigands burning down a family farm while he was too inebriated to do anything about it, that was when he decided to change his life at last. An outcast from Bree, he wandered north to the haven of Esteldin. There, he trained with the Dunedain in the arts of stealth and ambush and joined them on many sorties against the hordes of Angmar. Years later, he has reached near-mythic status as the Watcher of the Wilds, and rumor of his coming strikes fear into the hearts of the enemy.
Uthi Gemcutter, Purveyour of Odd Things.
Uthi is evidently a wealthy Dwarf -- he is always very well-dressed and has outstanding gear to his name. The folk of Thorin's Halls call him Gemcutter, obviously a reference to his skill has a jeweller, and his works often fetch fair prices at the Auction House. But that doesn't explain his ability to produce marvellous relics of ancient days and wonderful works of gold, rubies, adamant, and sapphire, all of which sell for enormous sums. Uthi himself never talks about his sources for these goods, and there has been a growing rumor that he is none other than Uthi the Destroyer, a wild, untameable Dwarf of myth whose shout could split stone and whose axes were said to feast on the souls of their victims. Some theorize this Uthi is the renowned Destroyer, now retired, and living off the proceeds of his legendary exploits. Whenever he is asked to explain himself, however, Uthi simply laughs and says he acts as the treasurer and intermediary for some organization known as The Artisans' Circle. When pressed about the organization's doings, he always produces some radiant work of gold or jewels and asks whether the Hall would like to see the availability of such wares (to say nothing of the taxes the sales produce) continue. The subject is then promptly changed.

Padhwe the Elf.
Padhwe is a survivor of the War of the Great Jewels and a former citizen of Doriath. After the destruction of Beleriand in the War of Wrath, he journeyed to Lindon and dwelt there, ever within sight of the land he had loved for so many years. He had never lived in the Lands beyond the Great Sea and had no desire to sail thither, though he was greatly sorrowful that his kindred were responsible for so much death and grief in Middle-earth. He gave his life over to study of forgotten times and the lays of great deeds from ages past, and so took no part in the wars of the Second Age. Finally, however, evil came even to Lindon with the destruction of Edhelion. In that hour, Padhwe vowed to see an end to the evils in the north of the world. He was no warrior, but he remembered well how the songs of Luthien had mastered even the Great Enemy in the frozen wastes of the North when the world was young. Through centuries of study he had also accumulated command of a massive stock of tales and songs with which to lift the spirits of even the lowliest fighters. These gifts Padhwe now lends to the Free Peoples of Middle-earth in their final stand against the Shadows of Morgoth's most terrible Servant.

Runulf, Treasure-hunter.
Runulf was a simple countryside farmer apprenticed to Bob Thornley, Rob Thornley's father. In his youth, he showed a notable proficiency with the bow and was often sent along with hunting parties to gather provender and rid the area around Thornley's farms of threatening beasts. Eventually, his marksmanship earned him a spot with the Bree-Town Guard, but Runulf never liked being cooped up behind the city walls and tried several times, unsuccessfully, to join the Town Watch instead. Finally, his restless spirit getting the better of him, he resigned his post and decided on a career which would offer him both excitement and the potential for a substantial increase in his quality of life -- he decided to become a professional treasure-hunter.

There are many rich patrons in the world who will pay very good coin for well-preserved relics of ancient times, and there may be no single greater concentration of them in the north than in Bree. Runulf's first and most obvious target was the Barrow-downs in Bree-land, but he has begun journeying further and further into the Wild to find rarer artifacts, the like of which his competitors cannot hope to match. Runulf has given up the shortbow of his youth for the crossbow, which suits him since he now spends a good deal of time mucking about in old tombs and other tight spaces in search of his prizes. He never learned any respectable craft, but he still knows how to rig the debilitating traps and mix the deadly poisons he was taught when hunting large game, and he relies on these to handle his foes. Clever and resourceful, Runulf's primary interests are the aged baubles which supply his meat and equipment, but he also has a love for capturing great prey for trophies. He has also been known to serve as a mercenary and bounty hunter, lending his skills in causes aimed at pushing back various encroaching undesirables, especially brigands and orcs.

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