Kin Morgue

Like every great leader, I have grand visions for the future (Is this like that time you tried putting Dawn in the dishwasher? -- Mrs. Pad). We've all seen creative and hilarious kinship names during our sojourns across Middle-earth, but I don't know if anyone's tried to capture a bunch of them for others' collective enjoyment.

I will make an opening contribution, but please send the wackiest or most creative kin names you've seen to me by using the comments section below (or you can e-mail me at, and I will post them here! I'll also include your desired handle if you choose, or you can always submit anonymously.

UPDATE: The transfer to Areknstone with the rest of the Dawnbreakers has opened up a whole new world of amusing kinship names!

  • The Munchkin
  • Don't Wanna Join Your Kin
  • Anduin Beekeepers Association
  • Nazgul Stole My Bike
  • Kin You Dig It
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (had to be shortened to Whiskey Tango due to the implications!)
  • Elves in Tights
  • Laketown Fire Department 
  • Tom Bombadil the Dill Weed 
  • Mallorn Children of the IVth Age
  • Of Ale and Pink Oliphaunts 
  • Defilers Under My Bed (submitted by Lesraldor) 
  • Dodge, Duck, Dip, and Dodge
  • Not All Those Who Wander Are Sloshed
  • Sauron Started It
  • League of the Laughing Magpie 
  • The Arkenstoned
  • Nerd Herd 
  • The Brohirrim 
  • Flatulent Old Warriors 
  • Local Drunks of Bree-land
  • Whats Taters Precious 
  • Working as Intended (submitted by Lesraldor)
  • Where Are All The Pies (submitted by Lesraldor)
  • Defenders of Skunkberry (submitted by Lesraldor) 
  • Tater and Marrow Esquires (submitted by Mentho)
  • Dain's Warpig (submitted by Rimenuir)
  • Fire-Breathing Rubber Duckies (submitted by Dwalintron)
  • Orc Heads and Maiden Beds (submitted by Mentho)
  • Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
  • The Barrow-down Bakery (submitted by Khloe)
  • You Loot! I'll Lag!
  • Window Lickers

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