Friday, April 3, 2015

Padhwe Redux

We interrupt this useful and informational gaming blog (HA! -- Mrs. Pad) to bring you this important "news" BULL-etin (get it?): there is a new Pad in our midst.

I had created an Elf minstrel named Padhwe for the new new low-level group recently started up by the Dawnbreakers (a most excellent kinship). After a few hours, however, it became clear a clarinet-wielding Elf whose name sounded eerily similar to that Nubian senator who very nearly ruined Natalie Portman's acting career wasn't quite cool enough to hold my attention for another 78 levels. Padhwe was hastily erased from Middle-earth's collective awareness.

He was quickly reborn, however, as a chick. Padhwe is now a steely eyed Elf champion wielding sharp, pointy implements and a bad attitude. She also habors a burning desire to avenge her fallen master Talagan, who sacrificed himself to stop Skorgrim Dourhand from capturing ancient Noldorin relics from the inner sanctums of Edhelion. Her wardrobe kicks some serious butt too.

I plan to periodically pen progressive posts proffering pedantic and puerile potboilers over the coming weeks (Good Lord. -- Mrs. Pad). I hope you tune in to read them. Or something.

Oh, and the new new low-level group runs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. Central -- check out the Dawnbreakers website for more details. There, I got some useful information into this post. Now where are my cookies?

Master of Toons

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