Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Trials of Piersyn Wyne, Part 5

After writing down everything from yesterday evening, I spent some time considering my future. The question before me seems to be: should I remain here and support my home of more than twenty years or should I try and learn more about my past? As much as I love father and the Bree-land, I cannot ignore this strange fate. I am compelled to learn more, but where to begin?

The morning dawned crisp and clear and the cool air rang with one of my favorite sounds: the clatter of hoofs and waggon-wheels on the cobblestone streets as they splash through puddles after a good rain. Home never felt like such a desirable place, and yet I had finally made up my mind to begin a journey -- a search for knowledge and truth. This journal has suddenly taken on a very different meaning and purpose: I will use it to record my adventures and document whatever I can learn about my past and my family's history.

I won't go into everything father and I said to each other at our parting -- it was not easy for either of us. But, I assured him, I won't stay away forever. In fact, he knows about my first destination quite well, even if he's never been there himself. Since I now hold the strange medallion, and since the writing on it is in a Dwarven mode, and since the Bree-land scholars were of no real use (a fact which proves true far more often than not, if you ask me), I decided I should seek out someone who might know a thing or two about Dwarven runes: the Dwarves. Specifically, the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, who are known to travel through Bree on their trade routes. The largest settlement we know of is at Thorin's Halls in the Blue Mountains, which the Elves once called Ered Luin. I understand it is a great colony with an immense volume of trade. Surely some Dwarf there should be able to tell me more about my medallion, if anyone could.

The journey will not be a short one, however: Thorin's Halls are located in the far northwestern region of the Blue Mountains and there are any number of leagues I must cross before I ever reach that land, including the land of the hobbits, which they call the "Shire." We have hobbits here in Bree, of course, but they are mostly sensible folk who mind their own business. The local Staddle-folk (mostly hobbits) rarely have anything flattering to say about Shire-hobbits, although I'm not sure how they form their opinions since none of the Bree-hobbits I'm familiar with have been known to travel so far from home.

In any case, I at least now have a place to begin. There remains a great deal to do before I set out, however. For one thing, I will need to resign my post with the Watch and do my part to arrange for a replacement, which might not be easily accomplished. I also do not have a ready supply of provisions, tools, or other items I might need on the Road or in the Wild. I will also need weapons, since I must return mine to the Watch at the Bree-town Jail. This might not be an altogether bad turn of events, however. I would never say this openly within ten miles of Bree-town, but the Watch's weapons and armor are not necessarily of the highest quality. I think this is one of those things everyone on the Watch knows well, but they will never admit it since the stuff is all crafted right here in our little land. If I am to be an adventurer, though, I will need equipment of far higher quality. I have no idea how to solve that problem, but I will think on it over the coming days.

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