Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Trials of Piersyn Wyne, Part 1

I appealed to the local hunters for aid against the Blackwolds.
My name is Piersyn and I am the only son of the Second Watcher of Bree-town. Most everyone just calls me Piers. I am keeping this log in the hopes it may prove useful to the Watch after I complete my assignment here. There have been rumors coming out of Archet about some foreign man who has fallen badly ill, so I was dispatched to investigate and ensure he is up to no mischief. I arrived in Archet to find it turned nearly upside down. I won't go into the details -- Captain Brackenbrook's naivete, the treachery of Calder Cob, or the slaughter we faced at the hands of the Blackwolds. That tale has already been told and re-told throughout the whole length of the Bree-land, and my own part in it wildly exaggerated. My private thoughts on the matter I shall relay to father once I've compiled my official report to the Town Watch.

In the meantime, however, the people of Archet desperately require aid. I will remain here long enough to help them and, possibly, to request assistance be sent from Combe, as they have woodworkers there of some skill. But I cannot tarry overlong here: the curious matter of these brooding Rangers concerns me, and I will not be responsible for another of our villages coming under attack if this raid on Archet was somehow connected with them. Father does not trust the Rangers and neither do I.

There is a Dwarf here, Atli by name, who requested my help on behalf of Archet. It seems there is a serious infestation of spiders in the area and he believes that if we can eliminate their queen we should scatter the colony. I doubt I could be of greater use to the folk here than to succeed at this task myself, so I will attempt it. I must say all of this activity has done wonders for the strength of my arm, though I do find myself hungry more often than I used. Tomorrow I will root out this Iornaith, as Atli calls it, and see what can be done about her.

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