Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Trials of Piersyn Wyne, Part 2

I'm happy to report the spiders have been driven off. I managed to track the spider-queen to the inside Perhaps even father will think kindly on my deeds here in Archet.

The spiders had been sighted in the cellar of a local farmer's home, which the disgusting creatures had completely overrun. I severely wounded Iornaith with a well-aimed javelin, and the rest of the fight was fairly simple. The people of Archet are quite happy with the way I've discharged my duties -- they've even begun calling me "Spider-Foe," which I think is ridiculous, though I don't doubt they mean well.

But I have loitered here long enough -- the townsfolk are safe and now need hammers and nails more than swords and spears. As soon as I am rested I will return to Bree and deliver my report.

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