Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Tale of Heroism, Gallantry, and Radioactive Cheese

The Dawnbreakers ride (er... walk) again! Pictured from left to right: Angylya, Darynn (that's me in other guise), and Olliraldor (Dawnbreakers kinship leader Lesraldor on his young mini).

Lately I've been about as communicative as a deaf mute with a speech impediment who's had his tongue surgically removed and recently died. This has been largely because I have been much less active in-game than has been my wont. But, with the Dawnbreakers having completed the transfer to the Arkenstone server and with recruiting in full swing, things may be picking back up again.

The Dawnbreakers recount their adventures to the Bree-folk.
This evening, a few of us Dawnbreakers decided to re-kill a bunch of dead things on the off-chance that they might actually stay dead this time (spoiler: it didn't work). Our group consisted of one Warden and two Minstrels, so we tromped through Haudh Iarchith and the rest of the Barrow-downs like a whirlwind Simon & Garfunkel band on crack, except with much better hair and excessive hat plumage. By the time it was over, the three of us had rocketed forward at least three levels, we each flew through two levels of Bree-land reputation, and the zombie apocalypse had been averted. Again. We also managed to do a little something about the Barrow-downs' spider infestation since Angylya was foresighted enough to bring along a can of Raid. Of course, it was empty because Raid hadn't been invented yet, but it did make an excellent bludgeon after my sword was snapped in half by an especially grumpy Kergrim. He kept grunting something about us wantonly eradicating his species, but I couldn't hear him very well over the sound of my clubbing him to death with my empty can of Raid.

Anyway, when it was all said and done, I finally learned how to use shields (Lesson 1: face the opponent...) and collected some halfway decent jewellery. Oh, and of course I also found a delectable lump of cheese which I immediately scarfed down. I was surprised to learn this cheese caused my rapid and agonizing demise. Who knew? Where I'm from, 4,000-year-old cheese that's been stored in the same general vicinity as a bunch of putrid corpses that have been reanimated for the purpose of conquering the world was always a well-known delicacy. Bree-land is such an odd place.

Stay tuned for more adventures from the Dawnbreak -- hey look! Cheese!

Master of Toons

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