Friday, November 6, 2015

A Hiatus from LOTRO

For anyone who actually follows this blog (What in the world is wrong with you? -- Mrs. Pad), you'll notice I have been less than punctual about updating it over the past month or so. Which is like saying, "Gollum doesn't dislike sushi," or "Sauron has some minor control issues."

The thing is, since late September, Real Life had concocted a perfect super-storm Sandy-like scenario involving a prospective new job (which very nearly but ultimately didn't happen), Turbine's perverse and incessant ability to de-motivate people from playing their game (extra points for consistency, I guess), and also some really horrible projectile diarrhea from Chuckie (don't ask). Fortunately, all of these things have finally been resolved and I am back to saving Middle-earth from the forces of darkness once more (Oh, now I can sleep at night. -- Mrs. Pad).

It's certainly encouraging to see Minas Tirith in all of its glorious glory (Hey look! Alliteration and redundancy in a single phrase! You will now be charged double the price of admission). This speaks well to Turbine's new management and commitment to making the game more playable and adding interesting content. This doesn't mean I still don't want to heave Forlong's ample backside off the Pier's Bow or stab to death the next person who uses the word "urchin" in any context, but at least the game has a point again.

Now all we need is some hardware that isn't powered by domesticated rodents.


Master of Toons

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