Friday, August 14, 2015

This Merger is Gonna be "YUUUUUGE!"

Tell me you wouldn't love a Donald Trump hairdo cosmetic in LOTRO. C'mon!

I swear I had no intention of leading off this post with a Trump gag but, not unlike the Donald himself, these things just sorta turn up on their own and leave behind an enormous, radioactive mess.

And speaking of enormous, radioactive messes, Turbine is closing down a few of their servers. Of course, when I say "a few" a mean it in the same way I might have had "a few" too many gummy bears the other day. We shall be left with only five U.S.-based servers: Brandywine, Landroval, Gladden, Crickhollow, and Arkenstone. Since my home server, Vilya, will be closing down along with the vast majority of the others, the Dawnbreakers (a most excellent kinship) will be deciding where to move sometime during the coming weeks.

Now, I don't want to make this about myself (Kicking the habit? -- Mrs. Pad), but it's pretty clear this whole server-closing business is a covert scheme to drive more readership to this, The Greatest Blog of All Time. After all, once a ton of players are dumped into whatever server I end up occupying, The Greatest Blog of All Time will instantly become relevant to a lot more people. Fear not: I shall not let you down, faithful readers. Nor shall I let my new-found celebrity go to my head (I hope not - your head is large and pointy enough already. -- Mrs. Pad).

In all seriousness, I need to pee. Okay. In all seriousness, the transfer will be an excellent opportunity for more folks to join the Dawnbreakers (a most excellent kinship). Therefore, if you are on the hunt for a calm, cool, and fun gaming community which prides itself on actually knowing who makes up its membership, I encourage you to check us out.

Once the transfer is complete, of course. I don't encourage it beforehand, since it would be as pointless as ... well ... joining a kinship right before they move servers.

Hey, it's Friday... cut me some slack.

Master of Toons

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