Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Dawnbreakers' Seventh Anniversary Week

What does your kinship do on the anniversaries of its founding? All this week, the Dawnbreakers are celebrating the kinship's seventh year of saving the world from the forces of darkness!

June 8 - Chicken Play
June 9 - Hide-and-Seek (Or: Find the Easily Lost Kin Leader)
June 10 - Spring Festival games
June 11 - Freeze Tag
June 12 - Kin Meeting and Show of Force through Bree-town

But wait! There's more: event winners receive excellent prizes! If your kinship doesn't have as much fun and community interaction as the Dawnbreakers ... your kin's not doing it right.
Padhric jumps for joy after winning the first round in the Dawnbreakers' Hide-and-Seek anniversary celebration event. What did he win? You'd have to be a member to find out!

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