Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mr. Goober Update

We got some semi-good news regarding the Dynamic Duo the other day. I am referring, of course, to Messrs. Goober and Chuckie, the Plucky and Porcine Pair of Super-Popular Poochery (Good Heavens. -- Mrs. Pad).

Actually, Goober been the very opposite of porcine lately, which had us a little worried. We also noticed he had become more standoffish than usual -- more than was typically called for by Chuckie's incessant attempts at hazing, anyway. This called for a visit to his arch-nemesis, The Crab-Lady With the Anal Probe!

Mr. Goober poses for the camera.

After lots of poking and prodding (and a series of x-rays), it was determined the stately-if-somewhat-taciturn Mr. Goober was suffering from mild spinal compression in three of his discs. No doubt this was creating a reasonable amount of discomfort in the Self-assured Shih-tzu, so we put him on some pain medication. The good news is it was nothing more serious than that and his weight loss was actually good for him at his age.

Despite being 77 years old (in dog years), Mr. Goober is mostly back to his old self. He still has a barely discernable wobble in his back legs, but his energy has definitely returned.

Now, what we really need is some doggie Ritalin for Chuckie...

Master Pooper-scooper

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