Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rumors of Vilya's Death Were (Not) Greatly Exaggerated

Things have been pretty quiet on the LOTRO front of late, most likely because folks everywhere are waiting for Turbine to get its act together and open up the world transfers. With the uncertainty that brings combined with the fact that it's late summer and (normal) people tend to go on vacation and/or start school around now, it feels like a logical time to take a break from the game.

I, however, finished school many moons ago and I don't really "do" vacations, so I'm still here. All I'm doing is grinding reputation with the various sundry (and largely pointless) factions in Central and Eastern Gondor in hopes of acquiring ... well, nothing really, because there's nothing worth having from those reputation vendors. But Guthinwe has always had maximum reputation with every faction in LOTRO, so I must help maintain his ... um ... reputation. Or something.

Fortunately, the Farmers' Faire has found its festooned way into Bywater, forcing me to fish and frolic among the many fantastic festivities (Is there no end to your depravity? -- Mrs. Pad). I always wanted a cornucopia backpack. How did you know, Turbine?

Master of Toons

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