Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Tour of Moria

Ever had the Tour of Italy at Olive Garden? Tonight's level 65 Sunday-night run was a lot like that. Except with less chanti and more carnage.
The halls of Fil Gashan are no refuge for the Orcs of Moria as the Dawnbreakers storm the keep! Pictured left to right: Kayloramir, Eryndil (that's me), Charcoal, Kay's adorable but rather temperamental lynx, and Caitil.

The Sunday-night gang continues to work toward the Moria instance Meta-deed (the Black Goat), and we had several participants complete some of the individual instances tonight. We cut like a scythe through Skumfil, then proceeded to annihilate Igash in the Grand Stair, tangle with General Talug in Fil Gashan, and capped it off with a second Skumfil run for more Kergrim.

For more information about the Dawnbreakers (Vilya), look up their website:

Master of Toons

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